Deconstruction of Living Self by Adam Davidson

Deconstruction of Living Self by Adam Davidson

This piece was part of the 2012 Brain & Mental Health Art Show.

Abstraction is a departure from traditional art as a method of expression that takes on intellectual, spiritual and personal objectives.  I’m rationalizing with the term Escapism, as I am developing a visual description;

The Dictionary describes; “Escapism is a mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an escape from the perceived unpleasant aspects of daily stress. It can also be used as a term to define the actions people take to help relieve feelings of depression or general sadness.”

An expulsion of thoughts expressed or rendered creatively to oppose a realistic result or a unique source of abstraction with the pursuit to express outside of the normal artistic pursuits.

— AFD – Aug 28th 2009 – Visual Description – “Escapism”

Now of course a visual description would involve expanding on this term with an intention, as the definition is almost untouched in the larger sense. Used loosely in the culture of excess as a tactic to isolate or forget, but as a visual device to leave behind all that is overdone today with a more imaginative response.

I see this term in a more elaborate way, as the world is locked into the Pop Icon, Shock Value and World Disorder. Each of these rationale for our present times do not evoke the best in humanity and originality is becoming lost.

With the changes of broadcasting and technology many ideas are being lost to the Iconography and 15 minutes of fame that are being depicted. The action of art, painting and drawing, writing are fundamental uses to the expulsion of thought and originality stems from the attempts of true emotion not over written lives.

For one to create you must face your values, rights, flaws, image of self, inner self, viewing other’s as to see more than what is visible by the naked eye. By moving into an escape of today or the years to come these actions should be taken to amount to the new idea, consciousness or even obscurity. It has been indicated that in times of great change; great actions should be taken too. Originality is outside of those true images of our lives, it is a means to create in order to find that escape. In the artwork that tries to show what has not been seen before, whether that be in the creativity of other’s or of ourselves.

I look at abstraction as a release, an insight and a personal creative objective that I have taken on to make my visual and written compositions. My main objectives have been to take images out of reality and bring them into a different perception. They may have come from imagination or have been previously detached as to let the imagination render them at a later time.

An image without flaw is impossible and experimentation with composition is key. Now relevant to the imaginations of those who observe life in its indifference as every image alters naturally. It’s the decision as how to capture that moment in time and how it may be rendered in the future, ever changing.

This may sound convoluted but think of it in an emotional instance. If an escapist attitude is to stay off the beaten path or to purposely isolate themselves then a visual pursuit of an escapist is to disassociate the usage of expression from where it comes from today, Escapism. There is a lot more out there than what we are told to want and enjoy in life. In ten years we’ll be neck high in fossils of our consumption, so sit back take a minute and trust yourself to look outside the box.

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