Neuron Up In Smoke by Dr. Matt Holahan

Neuron Up In Smoke by Dr. Matt Holahan

This piece was part of the 2012 Brain & Mental Health Art Show.

This is a 40x image of a Golgi-impregnated nucleus accumbens neuron. Teaching students about the effects of various drugs on the brain and having them be inspired to understand drug effects at a deeper level inspires me and inspired this image.

About The Artist

Matt is an Associate Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at Carleton University. Prior to joining Carleton in 2006, Holahan completed his post-doctoral fellowship at Northwestern University with Dr. Aryeh Routtenberg. He holds an MSc and a PhD from McGill University where he studied under Dr. Norman White. He currently studies the development of the hippocampus in terms of spatial memory function and anatomical connectivity and the role of dopamine and the prefrontal cortex in the extinction of reward-based memories.

You can follow Matt’s Twitter feed @HolahanMatthew

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