Only the Quarry Men by John Binette

Only the Quarry Men by John Binette

Only The Quarry Men is a journey of one man’s plight into an unimaginable nightmarish scenario which at first seems to be mostly burdensome, and then later enjoyable, then dreamlike, and finally, utterly and completely necessary. It is the fictional story of John Davies. An often lonely, depressed and unfulfilled nearing fifty year old talented musician in the early 21st century, which whom at first unintentionally, and then later intentionally, finds himself with a unique opportunity to alter history and the possible fate of his idol, John Lennon, with (unbeknownst to himself) a complete transformation to his own life. The story has some real people and events, a few colorful fictional characters, a little irony, and an opportunity for romance.

Read the full novel at Authonomy.

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