Stuck In Time by Martin Wellman

This piece was part of the 2012 Brain & Mental Health Art Show.

This piece is a celebration of life and is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt depressed about this world or his or her life. At the left and right, representing birth and death, our consciousness exists as a single whole. At both sides the painting ends at a point, representing the unification of our consciousness. The green in the middle represents your life, while the blue circling around is everyone around you. The fluctuations of the green show the ups and downs of life. I made the background chaotic to represent our struggles, and the video itself shows the progression of life. More background info is shown at the start of the video.

About The Artist

Martin Wellman is a PhD student in the Department of Neuroscience at Carleton University in the lab of Dr. Alfonso Abizaid. His research focuses on the hormone ghrelin and the related enzyme ghrelin O-acyltransferase. They both play an important role in adiposity, stress, depression, and more. He is also the president of Cryofrog, Inc. In the 2012/2013 academic year, Martin acted as the WebMaster for the Society for Neuroscience, Ottawa Chapter.

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