Let There Be Light by Chantal Brillant

Let There Be Light by Chantal Brillant

This piece was part of the 2012 Brain & Mental Health Art Show.

My artwork illustrates a brain-like tree rooted into and unstable wavy land, which evokes the fragile and bewildering inner environment in which people suffering from mental health problems often evolves. The dark-blue trunk is slightly inclined illustrating the person’s out of balance state. Its V-shape supports a light-colored tree-top-like brain in which the connections are tangled up and intertwined into a ”flourishing” chaos, sometimes producing leaf-like vegetation and flowers (a sign of hope and recovery). The entire structure may remind us of a still tornado touching ground. In the background floats a thick rainy dark-blue sky illuminated by thin fragments of light emanating from the brain. My work puts the emphasis on the fact that, in spite of mental health problems, a person’s brain is ”alive” and carries within an inner (intrinsic) inspirational strength and beauty.

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