Anxiety – Re-awakening 2012 by Nicholas Adam Wojtas

Anxiety – Re-awakening 2012 by Nicholas Adam Wojtas

There are times in my life when I feel nothing, nothing positive, nothing negative. I am numb.

“Anxiety” is an ongoing series of photographs that investigates different feelings that I experience on a daily basis. This work is an exploration of self and a search for the sources of my anxiety. It shows that as humans, we are imperfect. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. With this body of work I encourage the viewer to face their fears and not let their anxieties get in the way of living their lives. I want people who have anxiety to know that they are not alone. Everyone has it to some extent.

About The Artist

Nicholas Adam Wojtas has always been interested in expressing himself through the arts. He seeks to share his emotions through his works. He was introduced to Photography in 2005. He studied Applied Communications Arts and Graphic Design in 2008-2009. In 2010, he photographed actors in theatrical productions that were printed in the Chronicle Herald Newspaper. Wojtas’ work has been published in a Call for Canadian Landscapes contest, in 55+ Magazine, and can also be found in Canadian Embassies collections. A diptych of a Belleville snowstorm (2011) was purchased by the assistant photo editor of Canadian Geographic magazine. His work is also represented in private collections in Ontario, Canada. Wojtas’ photographic series about ‘Anxiety’ was featured in the first Brain and Mental Health Art show in Ottawa. His work was posted on Photo Life Magazine’s Blog. Wojtas continues to create photographic art that explores the expression of his identity.

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