Axons by Jackie Dunne

Axons by Jackie Dunne

There are many parallels between neurons, the basic units of the brain, and trees, one of the basic units of nature. Both are irreplaceable components of their networks. They are intricate, but also fragile.

My artwork expresses the duality of my interests–art and neuroscience. The brain, both its make-up and disturbances influences my work, which I actively explore through various mediums such as oil, acrylic, photography and ink. A consistent theme I explore involves the microscopic changes in neuroendocrine or synaptic function that creates global, behavioral changes, characteristic of psychopathological development. The principle of tiny biological changes leading to perceptual chaos in the mind that has generated research interest for decades, but I believe it also warrants artistic exploration.

About The Artist

Jackie Dunne is an undergraduate student at the University of Ottawa.

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