Brain within the Context of Mind by Sevren Prince

Brain within the Context of Mind by Sevren Prince

My post-secondary studies in psychology and research methods has recently enlightened me to the work my father does as a Neuropsychologist working with brain-injured patients. I have been painting abstracts for a couple of years now and wanted to give him a painting that would resonate for him personally as my homage to his complex professional world.

The human brain, abstract and mysterious in many ways to most of us, is represented here in textured acrylic with lighted areas representing the firing of neurons at random, floating in the even more mysterious space we call “The Mind”.

About The Artist

Sevren Prince is an Abstract Colourist. She began painting seriously in 2011 and has sold a number of pieces in Brockville Ontario, where she grew up, and Toronto where she has been attending Humber College. In April, 2013, Sevren was featured as a new artist at the Corridor Gallery Art Show to benefit the Brockville General Hospital Foundation.

“Since I can remember, I have loved to splash around with colours and to experiment with unusual combinations and textures. I have always enjoyed abstracts as I feel that one can continue to look upon them, and find something new to contemplate each time. I began to paint in earnest with this collection, following the death of my grandmother, Edna Cobb (an artist in her own right), who nurtured me as kindred spirit from day one. In many ways, my work is a tribute to the love of spontaneity, fluid colour and texture that I shared with her. You can view more of my work on my Facebook page: Acrylic Rantings (or simply enter Acrylic Rantings into your browser). I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Sevren”

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