Cranium Shock by Chelsea

Cranium Shock by Chelsea

Imagine that you are a scientist doing an experiment. The room is silent. There is a brain on a table, ready for testing. You harden your grip on the tazzor you are holding. You adjust your safety glasses. The lights go off. Three, two, one. Bzzz! The cranium lights up a vibrant green and starts to bounce and turn. You can see rays of electricity leave the brain and gives the room an eerie glow. You remove the tazzor and turn the light back on. My inspiration was the workshop my class attended on the brain. I painted a brain with fluorescent green squiggly lines coming from it. I chose the green because it grabs your attention. I didn’t add much texture because the art has a lot going on already.

About The Artist

Chelsea is an elementary school student attending Westwind Public School.

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