Electric Volcano by Cameron

Electric Volcano by Cameron

When look at my abstract art, I feel happy because I have all the power in the world. I have all the power in the world because when I look at my abstract art, I see a scary, humongous strong intimidating electric volcano that has the power to shock you to death. Then, it will grow, and gobble you up like last night’s steak fillet! Nothing will stop it and nothing will stand in it’s path. It’s a brain that’s controlling it, my brain. That explains why I felt like I had all the power in the world. It’s a good thing, because now whenever there is someone I just can’t stand, I’ll just get my electric volcano to shock them to death. And no one can kill me. I was inspired by my friend, Alex because I had no idea what my art was yet, but then Alex came up to me and said “Whoa, nice volcano, Cam!”. Then I knew that since it had to be about the brain and electricity, I knew it had to be an electric volcano controlled by my brain. I thought that because the brain uses electricity so I knew I had to incorporate them both. The colours had a lot of variety. There was green, yellow, black and a bit of red, white and purple. The black and dark colours represented fear. The green and yellow represented the electricity coming out of the electric volcano and the other bright colours represented the electric sparks from the volcano.

About The Artist

Cameron is an elementary school student attending Westwind Public School.

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