Explosion of Electricity by Carver

Explosion of Electricity by Carver

My paintings name is “explosion of electricity”.The name really relates to the actual painting,because of a couple of reasons.There is explosions and electricity.Lets move on to the emotions that involve this painting,there is a kind of feeling i might say is a shock or shocking, you can really feel the electricity and energy when you glance at this painting. The texture is like ridgid or bumpy and there is lots of techniques that i used to make this painting more realistic.Some of the techniques that i used were brushing the end of the brush to make it more crisp and clean like a real lightning bolt or the inside of an explosion.Also i used a straw to suck up some paint then blow out to make a splatter and make it resemble as a concentrated ball of energy to make it look like actual energy.My inner thoughts or inspirations were my ideas,i see alot of things that inspire me to make this painting,like at first i thought a proper lightning bolt was a steriotipical bolt but since ive been in a work shop with an art teacherive been inspired that it wasnt proper so i used it and i am thankful.I chose the images like a representation of a siliscope for electricity and personally i think that jumps out as a good representation.Also i used a lightning bolt to show actual electricity.I asked my self this question before i started was”what is art without expression and imagination”and i have those two in my painting,if i hadnt asked my self that question before hand,it probly would not be as exiting or interesting.So next time you want to make art and you really care about it then ask your self what i did.

About The Artist

Carver is an elementary school student attending Westwind Public School.

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