Get Out of My Head by Jen Foote

Get Out of My Head by Jen Foote

An eating disorder is a complex mental health issue. There is no one source or cause of the warped lens through which an individual with an eating disorder views themselves. Media and the messages they convey certainly play a role in today’s uber-connected world. Individuals are constantly bombarded with messages that imply who and what they are is not good enough, but that they can be improved – and fast! Eating disorders manifest differently but encompass an inaccurate mental picture of one’s body. It’s as though one’s brain is disconnected from the eyes and the reality of the image the mirror is reflecting back.

About The Artist

Jen Foote is in recovery from an eating disorder. Always good with her hands, it was not until last spring that she started to use art to meditate and heal. As a new mixed media artist, Jen further explored the healing properties of art at Brave Girls Camp in Boise, Idaho. It was there that the power of the word truly awakened in Jen a long dormant passion to create. As she continues on her recovery journey, Jen is following a creative path for she believes that “art is her way out.”

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