Infinity by Bianca

Infinity by Bianca

While I was painting I felt really free to do whatever I wanted to do on that canvas.With the colours being so bright and vibrant,brought me energy and the urge to paint more.It’s like you are out of control.In my painting I wanted to communicate to my audience that Electricity is everywhere just like in my painting and it’s just crazy with it’s different shapes,colours,and sizes.I also wanted to communicate how Electricity is somewhat related to the brain because they are both really fast like the movement and everything because the brain transmits things really fast to the body as well as Electricity it’s really fast.I chose the background to be black because I thought it would stand out more with the fluorescent colours.It kind of looks like it’s 3D.Just like Electricity is 3D.Well you can’t see Electricity but at least that’s how I imagine it.Just imagine lightning.You can see lightning and it is Electricity as well.

About The Artist

Bianca is an elementary school student attending Westwind Public School.

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