Mindful Behaviour by Faisal Al-Yawer

Mindful Behaviour by Faisal Al-Yawer

Lacking in pure artistic talent, I had to resort to gimmicks and perhaps some sub-context. The first panel, red and shaped like a heart, represents love (obviously) with the woman (who is supposed to be gorgeous, if that is not evident) attempting to discuss a subject that is concerning to her. The imperfections in the cutting of the heart reflect her doubts. The second panel, blue-green and shaped like a teardrop, reflects the out-pour of emotion associated with expressing concerns that have long been held inward. The way the word “Brain” was split in half was intentionally done for two reasons: First, the object splitting the word is actually the girl’s brain, so it seemed appropriate. Second, on first glance, the viewer would read the word as “Bra”, bringing up obvious sexual imagery that favours a person’s appearance, which is exactly the opposite of the point the girl is trying to make. The third and final panel, the punch line, is square and yellow, representing complete and utter logic. The girl’s boyfriend is actually a brain himself, thus explaining her concerns. Even for a brain, he seems exceptionally classy and “un-romantic” if you will, as evidenced by his monocle and top hat (and goatee, don’t forget the goatee). Trying to deny the girl’s accusation, the brain attempts to compliment her appearance by calling her “wrinkly” because for brains, that’s a good thing! Unfortunately, it seems that our grey friend, for all his logic, lacks some basic human social skills! As mentioned, this whole scenario is a play on the famous “looks over brains” attitude.

About The Artist

Faisal is a Master’s student in the Department of Neuroscience at Carleton University.

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