Portrait by Heather Martelock

Portrait by Heather Martelock

Winner of the Picasso (Community Members) category at the 2013 Brain & Mental Health Art Show.

My works are interpretations within two-dimensional imagery. Metaphoric images from Judeo-Christian, Aboriginal and ancient cultures that are incorporated into an eclectic portfolio. My paintings push the interpretations by their distortion of the tangible human anatomical structure. The works show the expressiveness of oil paint and drawing materials within the Contemporary Canadian Art Field.

Living with schizoaffective disorder, there are always two fighting sides, the restrained lower emotional medicated self versus the higher emotional non-medicated self. The temptation to stop the medications to achieve the higher level of emotions, to paint greater works, constantly battles on as shown in this artwork.

About The Artist

My life has been filled with great positive and negative events all of which assist me to create subjects from those experiences and the ones of those closest to me. The use of oil paint in a figurative expressive style mixed with a touch of realism allows me to produce this visual diary of my life. The use of building materials and canvas as support materials reflects my labour working heritage. I have lived and travelled throughout Canada’s far Arctic Regions and Northern towns of Ontario and Manitoba, finally settling in our country’s Capital. I have studied at the University of Ottawa earning first a Bachelor of Fine Arts where I honed my artistic skills and developed the insight and skills to produce strong, tactile and highly expressive oil paintings and drawings. Further studies in an Honours Bachelor of Arts, (Religious Studies), and ultimately a Master of Art, (Religious Studies) specializing in Inuit and Dene Christian Artifacts and Architecture. All these studies gave me the ability to incorporate elements from Egyptian, Aboriginal, Christian and Jewish studies.


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