Shock by MacKenzie

Shock by MacKenzie

You know your eye when you look at it normally but do you know what it looks like behind it and in the tunnel to your brain. That gave me an idea to do my art on what i think it would look like. I chose my couleurs because they had a great big affect on the main idea imagine what it is like to have only the light from the other side of the eye and pictures and videos flies into the brain at the speed not even imaginable so the eye is showing the light plants and grass give off when lightning flashes and you look at the skie to see the lightning flash right in front of you that video then flies to the brain as a warning of get out of the way. The texture is to show that the tunnel is sort of coming to you and that you can see the tunnel getting smaller and smaller and gives the effect its a real tunnel

About The Artist

MacKenzie is an elementary school student attending Westwind Public School.

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