Spider by Mya

Spider by Mya

When I started, I thought the ball was going to explode with all the energy that is coming out of it. The colors I chose are orange, purple, yellow, and black. I chose purple for the zigzag lines because I wanted blue but they did not have it so purple was the closest color. I chose orange because it was really bright and it stands out and I wanted the ball to stand out. Then I chose yellow because you can not see it much so it does not pull your eye to it instead of the orange ball. I chose to do the zigzag lines because if I did straight lines it would be to boring and I did not want it to be that way. The orange ball represents a ball of energy and it is going to explode. All the purple lines that are coming out of the ball represent all of the energy that is coming out of the ball. The little yellow balls represent smaller balls of energy that will not explode. The big black line in the middle shows the ball is cracking because all the energy is coming out to fast so it has to explode. My inspiration is my self.

About The Artist

Mya is an elementary school student attending Westwind Public School.

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