Splats of Electricity by Sadie

Splats of Electricity by Sadie

My art is a blast of color, with a black background. I made splats of colors by blowing in a straw to splat all the paint out. Underneath all these splotches I have swirled lines of color. To get this effect I dipped string in paint and swirled it on my canvas. These lines remind me of electrical cords and wires. Then when the line breaks that is where I place the splats of color. The splats signify the brain; the brain is just looking those splats. Different shapes and colors that we don’t understand. The electrical wires lead into the brain because the brain is charged with the electricity. The molecules in our brain have tiny neurons that are full of energy. The electricity in our brains is not the same electricity that comes with wires and cords. Instead of using electricity to turn on lights we use it to send orders to different parts of our body.

About The Artist

Sadie is an elementary school student attending Westwind Public School.

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