The Binary Brain by Alexandre Guet McCreight

The Binary Brain by Alexandre Guet McCreight

As a student in neuroscience I was inspired by the complex dynamics of the brain, down to its multi-fundamental levels of cell networks, macromolecular structures and micromolecular constituents. In terms of the artwork, the binary numbers that shape the brain in the drawing are essentially a representation of neurons firing (1s) or not firing (0s). The four-colour format (blue, red, yellow and greyish-green) in the binary numbers is an homage to genetic influence on the structural and functional mechanics of brain networks (i.e. in reference to the four bases found in DNA: adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine). Several additional implementations that I made were A) The separation of the cerebellum through a different colour scheme and B) the hint of wave-like 1s and 0s in the temporal lobe (i.e. in reference to oscillatory activity often found in the brain during cognitive processes).

The black background of the brain was made using black oil pastel dissolved in taltine. The 1s and 0s were then scratched out and then painted in using oil paint.

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