The Self: “I” or “Me” by Idu Azogu

The Self: “I” or “Me” by Idu Azogu

My art was originally sketched on an index card while I worked at the Rutgers University Telefund in December 2009. It was around the stressful time of my psychology honors thesis work on gene susceptibility to alcohol drinking. To escape for a short while from the pressure of writing the thesis, I drew this picture, among others, as a stress-relieving exercise. I finally put the time aside to paint the picture on a canvas, and I quickly realized how interesting it was that I’d been able to capture my emotions at that moment. As an optimist, my art has always been used to renew my academic aspirations and motivation when I felt that my identity and control were slipping away.

About The Artist

Idu is a PhD student at the University of Ottawa in Experimental Psychology.

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