Untitled by Tyler

Untitled by Tyler

When I first started my painting, I was thinking of lightning so I started by putting a lot of lines curbed, zig-zag, straight like lightning during a storm. My class saw some images of lines of power and that gave me the impression of adding a line of power to my painting to give it some personality. The colours of the electricity lines from the images was outstanding so I had to add some very bright colours to my painting to draw the attention to my audience. The artists at the art gallery museum that really inspired me to do more abstract art. The colours they choose always talked to me and gave me a picture of what was going to happen in the picture. But really, all the work is done by the colours you choose because if you choose the right colours it will bring attention to what you worked so hard on doing over the time it took you to paint your ideas for everyone else to see. I want to communicate with my target audience by using effective colours that stand out of the painting, the texture to support your master ideas, the lines you choose and the forms you put in your painting or image. I think the audience will be inspired of an idea that is so unique and give them a chance of being inspired of my painting. The symbols of my painting is the blue lines is lightning during a storm. The green colour is a symbol of a machine that measures the power of the lightning strikes. Finally, The colour black symbolises night. A machine that measures the lightning strikes that happen during the night. An extra fact about my painting is that if you squint your eyes at my painting it looks like everything is 3D and there is a lot of life in the image. That is why I choose the colours, lines and my target audience so everyone would have a simple message of my piece of art.

About The Artist

Tyler is an elementary school student attending Westwind Public School.

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