Worlds by Andy Bantly

Worlds by Andy Bantly

The reason I feel fractals embody spirit and mind is because when I see it it warms my spirit in a way that feels like the fierce love of something. When I think about it with my mind, I contemplate the initial simplicity of z = z^2 + c. I can understand that the initial values of z determine how this system races off to infinity or 0. When the system becomes complex it goes beyond what my mind can really comprehend so seeing the image emerge from the equation awakens my mind to the possibility of math and the hidden messages that are contained within. Together, in my body and mind it always feels like a complete whole feeling. The two go together and belong together and I didn’t realize that until I saw it for the first time from the output of my computer code.

Download the full-sized original of Worlds (7500 x 5000 pixels, 31.5 MB).

To download the software and source code that Andy wrote to generate the fractal visit his Codeproject page Visualizing the Mandelbrot Set.

Also, visit Andy’s Facebook page, Yeti Cabs.

About The Artist

My family really struggled with mental illness so to be able to contribute to this website means a lot. I also have an obsessive/compulsive mind that never stops. I’ve tried treating it with different kinds of medications from Rx to over the counter to at the liquor store but none have given me any permanent relief. Today I treat myself by engaging in a support group of like minded people. I also, believe it or not, treat it with my fractal software. The creative process and results gives me a deep sense of fulfillment. The images seem to calm my mind.

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