Despair by Tetyana Maniuk

Despair by Tetyana Maniuk

Winner of the Michelangelo (University & College Students) category at the 2014 Brain & Mental Health Art Show.

This piece represents what an individual may feel when under the influence of a mental illness. They can feel weak, hopeless and like they’re alone in an abyss. I tried to capture this feeling by using unnatural, or sickly, colours for the skin and making the man look almost incapacitated; the darkness around them represents the ‘unknown’. There is smoke and fog surrounding him, which shows the mysterious nature of mental illness and how it can cloud our judgement. Finally, there are ‘hands’ that are trying grab the man coming from the fog to represent that even though mental illness is not ‘physical’ it can still take a powerful hold of the those who have it.

About The Artist

The artist of this piece is Tetyana Maniuk, a third year student in the neuroscience program at Carleton University.

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