I Try by Holly Atchison & Shamima Khan

I Try by Holly Atchison & Shamima Khan

When Shamima wrote this she was feeling utter despair and hopelessness…like nothing could save her. At the time it felt like her mind was just totally betraying her, and more powerful than reality.

When Holly painted this she was in a similar place. She wanted to show the turbulence and chaos of the inner monologue, the weight of the world’s ever-shifting expectations..how we are all at sea. What is Hope and why can’t I find it? Am I alone? She is trying to explore the conflict in Sentience: how all of us are both entirely empty and overwhelmingly full.

About The Artist

Shamima Khan has been writing poetry and prose since she was seven years old, and has been published in both print magazines and online, most recently on the CBC Canada site. She writes to make sense of the world, and to let her mind and soul transcend the confines of her skin and connect with other people. She believes art is magical, dangerous and powerful. Holly Atchison likes to make simple things that transmit complex ideas. She thinks the grandest purpose of existence is to appreciate beauty in its multifariousness. She uses what tools she finds at her disposal – words, paint, music – to interpret the world and celebrate the grand absurdity of Life. She also believes art is magical, dangerous and powerful.

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