Lover’s Eye by Zaneta Pernicova

Lover’s Eye by Zaneta Pernicova

The Series came to me when my husband was diagnosed with a brain cyst the size of a golf ball in 2008. As his mental and emotional state would change on occasion with the pressure on his frontal lobe (by the cyst), I would notice changes in his eyes. Slight variations in shape of pupil..often enlarged while the other was dilated, slight shift in colour. With his diagnosis came much fear as I did not know if this was something that could potentially be life threatening for him. Being the romantic that I am, I started research and reading and painting his eyes just in case I would loose him. Through my research and love of history I stumbled upon Marie Antoinette’s invention of ‘Lover’s eye’ and Shakespearean reference.

About The Artist

I was born in a small Bohemian town in 1979, when Czechoslovakia was under communist regime. I grew up with great emphasis on studies in art, art history and music. Much of my inspiration comes from my childhood. The beautiful bohemian country side, such as the poppy fields and castles just outside of Prague has given me fuel for the rest of my life.

In 1989 my family escaped the communist regime just at the time when the wall in Eastern Germany was being torn down. We were accepted into Austria as refugees. It was my home for 3 years. Again I was surrounded by nature’s beauty living in the mountains near the German border.

I have now found a home in Chelsea QC. I attend the Ottawa School of Art to keep learning new techniques which help me to express myself in more detail. I allow myself to paint each and every day. Being happily married with three young children brings a sense of life to my work.

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