Ramifications by Harry MacKay

Ramifications by Harry MacKay

I was inspired to create this piece in an attempt to create something decidedly analogue. My previous works have been digital in character, and could therefore be replicated in limitless quantities. This limited the uniqueness of each individual print. Since the cyanotype process yields different results each time, every exposure is entirely unique and cannot be reproduced. I was inspired to use the cyanotype method by reading about Anna Atkins, widely regarded to be the first published female photographer. Atkins published a book of seaweeds and other algae printed by cyanotype in 1842, and this was probably the first book ever illustrated with photographic images. This was a harbinger of the future shift away from hand drawn illustrations in nature texts, for better or worse.

About The Artist

Harry MacKay is a neuroscience PhD student at Carleton University.

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