Safe and Sound by Amanda Dookie

Safe and Sound by Amanda Dookie

How do avian predators respond to caterpillar defences? The auditory cortex highlighted in yellow demonstrates that there is more than meets the eye-spot. I was inspired to create this art piece depicting a large caterpillar eye-spot and avian cortex by my current research on predator-prey interactions. Caterpillars posses a wide variety of defences that are fascinating – from beautiful eye-spots to recently reported defensive sounds. I wanted to demonstrate that we can observe nature from many perspectives. We often tend to focus on the visual characteristics of the animals we encounter, but in nature prey may be targeting the other sensory modalities of their predators.

About The Artist

Amanda Dookie is currently a PhD student in the Experimental Psychology program at the University of Ottawa. Under a joint supervision she is also affiliated with the Carleton University Biology department where her lab is located. She can be followed on twitter @letitbeamandad.

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