Your Brain is God by Philip Kesner

Your Brain is God by Philip Kesner

Art is a process that allows one to make a statement and be reflective simultaneously. Art exists to question the physical, mental and spiritual status quo. The only hope I have for each new painting I create is that once engaged by a viewer, it helps them reflect on their own life and the lives of others; thus creating a movement from self-reflection to universal-reflection.

This painting was meant to be a fusion of the modern and ancient, using the tradition of Byzantine icons showing Mother Mary with the baby Jesus, I chose instead to show the Madonna figure holding a brain, emphasizing the infinite power and omnipotence of the human brain.

About The Artist

Philip Kesner received his Master’s of Science in Neuroscience at the University of Ottawa. He works in the field of Translational Neuroscience at the Institute of Mental Health Research. He has been painting for 14 years. More of his art can be seen at:

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