Zombies Have Feelings Too by Aarika Charlebois

Zombies Have Feelings Too by Aarika Charlebois

Having dealt with my own struggle with depression, this zombie like feeling is all too familiar. Everyday seemed soul-sucking and every task was gruelling. Eventually I was able to overcome many challenges which made me very hopeful for my condition. I yearned for better days and to feel something, anything but numb.

In this piece the zombie reflects one suffering from depression, his complexion is blue to impose a sense of calmness yet his expression remains emotionless. The exposed brain is a symbol for his desire for emotional balance while his shirt is complimentary for his need to take action to get better. The yellow that surrounds embodies an optimistic outlook on life whereas the red splatter counteracts for his anger on a subconscious level.

About The Artist

Aarika recently graduated from University of Ottawa with a B.Sc. in Geology and will further pursue her studies in Environmental Science this upcoming fall. Painting is a favorite pastime of hers in which she hopes one day she could sell enough pieces to fund her travels. In her eyes there are always new places to discover, people to meet and stories to tell. She’d rather collect memories than pictures and is constantly anticipating the next adventure. Aarika is not only known for her creativity on canvas but furthermore in the kitchen as she values hard work and the beauty of a good home cooked meal. If not in the kitchen or on the other side of the world, you’d probably find her nose deep in fiction, obsessing about some new TV show or playing videogames. Aarika encourages creative expression and mental exercises on a daily basis to keep your mind sharp and life interesting.

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