Abstract: A Mystery of the Mind by Pamela Bruder

Abstract: A Mystery of the Mind by Pamela Bruder

To the average person, understanding our minds is like understanding an abstract painting. But to those dedicated to solving problems around mental health, the abstract makes sense.

About The Artist

My name is Pamela Bruder and I live in Canada’s beautiful capital. It was in this bustling political city where I finished my undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations.In my current academic life, I am a first year pre-medical student with Athabasca University’s online program where I will finish my pre-requisites for medical school. I am very excited to dedicate the second chapter of my life to health care and I cant wait to meet the future scientists that will inspire me to continue on this life path. In my personal life, I balance yoga and art with my studies and have a romantic relationship with books that range from foreign policy to contemplating the mysteries of the universe. 

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