Art Journal Page No.7 Prompt: Anxiety- How can the beast be tamed? by Lisa Abbott Moore

Art Journal Page No.7 Prompt: Anxiety- How can the beast be tamed? by Lisa Abbott Moore

As a speech language pathologist and artist, I am aware of how art journaling can improve a client’s ability to express emotions that they are unable to verbalize. “Art Journal Page No. 7” was created to raise awareness to the issues clients have when dealing with anxiety compounded with limited communication. Especially important in this piece are the flaws (spelling error and smudged words), indicating that this process does not taut perfection, and is accessible to everyone!

About The Artist

I have worked as a speech language pathologist for over 20 years now, and have been making art for twice that much time. I started to realize that using the arts in the treatment of clients who lacked communication skills enhanced their ability to access a mode of expression that was usually not accessible. A client’s ability to communicate basic wants/needs/feelings and emotions, is paramount in their ability to function in the world, and to connect with others around them.

I stumbled onto Art Journaling by accident, while pursuing the reduced price books in a local bookstore. After a few weeks, I was absolutely hooked. As a busy professional, mom, and artist, sometimes I have limited time in my schedule to relax using the creative processes I crave to “fill my cup”. I love this medium which can be a free flowing process, or for those days when unable to muster creative juices, pre made prompts can be used to facilitate one’s pages. This still allows one to create while relieving the pressure that all artists sometimes have to be original. For my client’s, it is a wonderful tool which allows them to combine art and words to express their wants and needs. Communication disorders occur subsequent to traumatic brain injury, stroke, and mental illness, and affect tens of thousands of individuals. Lack of communication exacerbates mental illness, causing a person to feel more isolated and lonely, unable to process thoughts and emotions that are imperative to improved mental health.

Art journaling is not a new fad, for centuries artists have kept notebooks in which they sketched, practiced, experimented, and recorded themselves. Community Members, DaVinci, and Vincent Van Gough, were all prolific sketchbook keepers. The biggest barrier I have to overcome with my clients is getting them to understand that they can actually create. The fear of having to produce perfect drawings or sketches is removed when they discover that art journaling can assist them with expression and communication with minimal demand. Stamps, collage, sketching, photographs, all can be combined into a creative message. I believe we are all artists in some way, and that when we use our chosen method of the creative process- whatever that may be, it can tap into a flow of endless positive benefits. My passion for using the arts to facilitate healing and better communication will be the focus of my PhD research at the University of Ottawa this fall. You can learn more about my creative processes at or contact me at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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