Calles by Carlos Pastrana

Calles by Carlos Pastrana

I wanted to display the complexity of the brain’s neural network by way of intricate cutouts of Ottawa’s streets.

The negative space demarcates land and major water ways, while the web of paper represents the connectivity of the city’s streets, as with neural pathways in our brain. Layered beneath the map cutout is a ventral view of the posterior cerebral artery, represented by thin red metal wires. This base layer supplements the overall theme of connectivity in my piece by emphasizing the importance of the artery in supplying blood to each cerebral hemispheres.

I was initially inspired by Karen O’leary’s work and her map cutouts, and what I wanted to do was to replicate the intricate paper structures by doing one of the streets of Ottawa, in the outline of the brain. In doing so, I quickly arrived at an overall theme of my piece and further added onto it by including a network of thin wires that represents one of the major arteries pivotal in cerebral circulation.

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