Contemplating the Brink by Andrea Noriega

Contemplating the Brink by Andrea Noriega

I created this piece because I wanted to showcase what it can feel like to be consumed by despair. I have experienced this feeling myself at points in my life, and have comforted many a friend who has been on their own brink. For too many of us, the journey to the brink is paved with self-doubt, with overwhelming feelings of social inadequacy, or the sting of intense loneliness. I chose to depict this with feet because I wanted to give the viewer the opportunity to empathize with the figure in the image. Showing just the feet and lower legs allows us as viewers to remain in mystery about the identity of the person depicted. We don’t know their gender, their ethnicity, their religion, or their age. They could be anyone. A person you know perhaps. Or maybe even you. I hope that this gives the viewer the chance to think about what it might feel like to be on the brink without the conceptions or misconceptions that might be depicted by a full figure depiction.

About The Artist

I am a child of the arts. Born into a family of devout artists, I worked with clay before I could even understand what to do with it. The women on my father’s side nurtured my creativity, and I have always been close to the arts and yet so far away. Raised by loving but pragmatic parents, I was encouraged to pursue education and leave art as a hobby, one which sadly ended up neglected more often than it was practiced. But today I am proud to be starting my first year of my PhD in Medical Anthropology at Carleton University, and I have been able to find a place for art in my life. I hope to incorporate art into my studies, and one day into my career.

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