Creation by Karen James

Creation by Karen James

I was looking at the shape of the brain and I could see the image of a person in a fetal position. I thought that this kind of made sense of what the brain was to me. I thought the brain creates who we are, almost like we are there inside the brain and as life unfolds around us our brain is impacted by its experiences which then shapes who we are. Who we become creates how we see the world around us. The world around us is a tangle of growth, constantly changing. We are an interaction of the two, our brains and our environment.

About The Artist

Karen James is an artist, photographer, writer, and poet who works in the field of addiction. She is the author of the book One Day I Stepped Back Into Myself and a You Tube Rapper under the name BACKATCHA. Karen grew up in a world of addiction, became addicted and recovered from addiction which is the subject of her book. The You Tube videos were created as a way of reaching youth in order to counter the pro-drug, pro-violence and pro-gang messages found in rap music and as a way of entering into a dialogue with youth. Each rap plays against a drawing that is relevant to its subject. Karen has made 150 different rap songs including the beats and 38 of these are on YouTube.
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