Dare to Believe; The Eyes Have It by Catina Noble

Dare to Believe; The Eyes Have It by Catina Noble

It could be you, me or anyone. If we all BELIEVE, we will make a difference.

About The Artist

Catina Noble currently resides in Ottawa but is originally from Kingston. She is considered a Mixed Media Artist and also enjoys writing and photography. She loves the adrenaline rush and goose bumps of excitement crawl all over her when she takes a great picture with a camera or when she completes a piece of art. In her art work she uses markers, watercolour and oil pastels. These mediums allow the flow of diversity and self-expression.

Catina Noble received a grant from the Ontario Art Council for Photography. Her short stories and poetry have been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, In/Words, Bywords, Canadian Newcomer Magazine and a few other places. You can find out more at www.catinanoble.wordpress.com

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