Dead matter by Maria Dalton

Dead matter by Maria Dalton

People who feel empty on the inside often cower away behind the wall that they have built to protect themselves from the outside world. The lack of emotion leaving an individual devoid of happiness and numb to feeling often cause them to feel alone and secluded, afraid to ask for help. These people will simply put on a brave face and attempt to exude a sense of well being and happiness towards life. Those around them become unaware of the harm churning inside because sometimes a smile doesn’t always mean that someone is happy. The large brown circle is symbolic of the individual, who is empty, devoid of emotion. Their inserts are completely engulfed in this blanket of darkness. The title, “Dead Matter”, stems from this idea, that on the inside their feelings have been slaughtered by the overwhelming swells of sadness. The large strokes of orange and yellow demonstrate how the individual may attempt to mask their sadness by acting as though nothing was wrong. This false persona plays an avid role is the deception of their peers, as they often become unaware to the individuals hurt. The image is portrayed as an eclipse, which demonstrates the idea that this time in someone’s life is simply passing over, such as the sun passing behind the moon. The feelings in an individuals become temporarily obscured at this point in their life until they finally seek help or hard times blow over.

About The Artist

I am a young artist located in Ottawa, ON. I specialize in abstract realist acrylic painting and modern non-conventional sculpture. My work has been exhibited in Summerside, PEI and I have two pieces installed permanently in provincially run buildings. I currently have a children’s painting displayed in the Summerside public library. Also, my largest piece titled “Convergence” is permanently installed in the head office of the provincial department of education for Prince Edward Island.

As an artist, I believe that art allows the creator to empower themselves by portraying their feelings in an expressive way, and one that they themselves find appealing. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “Beauty without expression is boring.” This statement conducts a strong current with my ideals, in saying life without free thought remains bland and simple. I believe that by demonstrating my thoughts on a particular topic I am allowing myself to free my ideas and empower my mind. Empowerment allows the viewer to feel that they have a reason to be sad or allows them to see that we all have a purpose, no matter what the world tells us.

I frequently find myself adding depth and texture to my pieces by stippling or hatching in layers. This effect allows me to portray deeper emotion and helps me to build upon my skills, forcing me to improve with every piece I complete. My individual style and voice has evolved, allowing me to focus on the expressive nature of each piece and focus less on making every line perfect. I have discovered my passion for sculpting pieces using different materials and creating expressive pieces with deep meaning and subtle details. However, my artistic heart truly lines in the domain of abstract realist acrylic painting. This method of creation allows me to build layers and blend colours together to help more strongly represent the message I am looking to convey through my piece.

My artistic style has evolved to one that includes expressive, yet subtle details which contain a high impact message. Acrylic paint allows me to add texture and depth to my paintings, which affects the emotions and feelings behind each piece. However, I prefer sculpture over painting, as the hands-on approach allows me to impact the viewers thoughts on a three dimensional plane. I believe that sculpture allows me to add more subtle details that come together in a congruent manner, this in turn helps me to jam pack my pieces with numerous themes or ideas which relate back to one message. As Albert Einstein once said: “True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.” When looking at my pieces, one might draw the conclusion that I prefer to create using a minimalist style, however the convention lies not on the surface but in the underlying meaning of each brush stroke.

During my art studies at school, I was able to expand my knowledge of art concepts and theories through practice and work. Through the creation of 3 sculpture using the same material differently three times I learned the expressive nature of certain materials. This project allowed me to further acquaint myself with certain materials, and understand their expressive properties. I also continued to compile my work in an e-portfolio, as exhibited above, which contains art from all three years of my schooling as well as more recent pieces.

The link to my personal artist website is:

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