Discovery by Jacinta Specht

Discovery by Jacinta Specht

The goal of creating this artwork was to explore and map out a small portion of the importance that global networking plays in the development of the vast world of neuroscience. Each field of neuroscience plays a role that provides a fluid motion in expanding the infinitely emerging discoveries that are made each and every day due to collaborative networking. This networking between specialties is the ‘neurons’ that contributes to the functioning of the ‘brain’ of discovery. These collaborations can include neurosurgery, fMRI imaging, EEG testing and laboratory researcher and each one of them overlaps and coordinates with the others in order to help new discoveries and breakthroughs emerge from such an extraordinary field. The brain in the bottom left corner exhibits the meninges opening up and morphing into fMRI scans which continue to flow into a morphing of a microscope investigating a neuron. The flow of these images demonstrates how these fields are inseparable from each other, but yet each has their own unique role and function in the ability to further advance neuroscience. The opening up of the meninges to expose the brain reveals that there is an infinite amount of possibilities behind the convention of the brain and the only way to real try to attempt to understand the unique and beautiful brain is be curious and open up doors that will allow you to peer into this unbelievable world. We will, as a field, always be trying to discover more about the brain and its mysteries, and curiosity and collaboration will further advance the field of neuroscience in a way no one could even think to imagine. To understand the brain, it is essential that we try to function as a brain in the field of neuroscience. Each field is a neuron that opens up a new neuronal pathway allowing for the future discovery of neuroscience to develop beyond our greatest imaginations.

About The Artist

I started drawing early as a child, and as I grew up I developed my passion into a goal to expand art in a way that reaches out and makes individuals contemplate humanity and the way the world works. Art is more than just a hobby, but can help convey aspects of life that no other form of communication. My goal is to spread art in a way that encourages others to continue and reach their own dreams and develop their own personal identity. Once we come to appreciate everyone’s unique, individual aptitudes, we can come closer to understanding this complex world and help us understand ourselves. Some of my past art acknowledgements include finalist and designer for two City of Medicine Hat traffic controllers, having art selected for the Young Artists Inspired by Nature Art Gallery in Medicine Hat, winner of the 2013 Senior Divisional Award for School Art in Medicine Hat, 2013 Fan Favorite for Medicine Hat Crestwood Art Ceiling Tiles Contest, and 2007 1st Place entry for St. Mary’s Medicine Hat Kiwanis Peace Poster Contest. As well as these contests, I continually am commissioned for graphite drawings and oil paintings primarily focusing on portraits and landscape art. In addition to an artist, I am an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary studying for a BSc (Honours) in Neuroscience and a minor in the Arts and Science Honours Academy degree. My other hobby includes, competing in karate where I have earned my 3rd Degree Black Belt in Traditional Fudokan-Shotokan Karate.

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