DUG !N by Marc Lapointe

DUG !N by Marc Lapointe

Co-winner of the Picasso (community members, post-docs, and principle investigators) category at the 2015 Brain & Mental Health Art Show.

Combat Disabled…feeling frightened, sad, anxious, and disconnected. So many words…this represents some 20 years of accumulated traumas. Here are the main events;

  1. 1993-94, Balkans, Sarajevo, Srebrenica and UN Forces Protection at the Bakovici (adult) and Drin (children) Mental Health Hospitals during some of the most savage fighting in Bosnia. Secured the facilities where no Medical Staff was found, mentally ill and abandoned adults and children were surviving in a horrible state. Death, illness, pests, soiled enclosed areas, smells of urine, vomit and feces, screams, cries, blood, burying of large and small bodies and witness to dreadful war crimes. 4 months in, a group of 50 soldiers of all ranks attempting to get back home on a well deserved 14 days leave, all our weapons are safe, secure and stored under the bus – a rolled up canvas carrier could hold up to a dozen weapons – for safety reasons, we also used to carry our bolt action piece with us.  Moving forward, I was so happy to meet my 10 days old (first born) son for the first time and our bus was stopped at a Serbian boarder check point – we we captured and kept hostage for a few days;
  2. 1999-00, Balkans, Drvar, NATO deployment as a Sniper for C coy (No comment);
  3. 2006, South Afghanistan, Hellman-Kandahar region, OEF mission, Canadian troops faced the deadliest violence since the Taliban’s fall;
  4. 2007, Afghanistan, Kandahar, OIF/OEF/ISAF missions, one of many – Mullah Dadullah was killed and captured and eleven other Taliban fighters died in the same firefight;
    Half way through my tour, my culminating point where I just simply broke down.  I proudly managed to finish my rotation like many would have done;

About The Artist

Combat Disabled, Marc is a highly decorated Combat Veteran who has honorably served his country for nearly 25 years. Marc Lapointe’s primary mission in the army was training and leading Soldiers as a part of the Canadian Military Special Forces both on Domestic and International missions. Recognized as one of the top 1 percent of all leaders by earning the prestigious US Army’s Ranger Tab, a number of Canadian Special Forces certifications and the Sacrifice Medal as well as numerous other medals and decorations. Marc’s career was cut short during his last deployment when he was wounded as a direct result of his duties during combat missions. After receiving the Sacrifice Medal he was medically and honourably discharged in 2014.

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