Fractured Bipolar by Bruce Grinstead

Fractured Bipolar by Bruce Grinstead

Being Bipolar is to live a surreal life with the inability to achieve the sense of feeling normal – ever. Often, reality appears to be achievable, but it is met with a polarized wasteland, viewed thru a haze.

About The Artist

Bruce Grinstead was born in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1963, and raised under the sweltering Southwest skies of New Mexico and Texas. He then migrated to Arnprior, Canada, It is here that he makes his permanent residence and studio – close to two rivers, conservation areas and a town dedicated to resurrecting its heritage.

He is frequently involved in various creative activities, including fine art, painting military miniatures and dabbling in music, the latter which inspires him to write songs and poetry. But, the main creative drive for Bruce is the fine arts which are often inspired by cultural myth and anthropologic archetypes. He enjoys learning about different cultures and their spiritual beliefs, and tries to incorporate these with honor in various art forms that reflects the human condition. This incorporation sometimes includes influences from his technical background, representations of the perfection of Divinity by use of design and pattern, or maybe symbolic imagery to transpose a cultural stigma.

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