I Am Not My Illness by Kimberly-Ann Ford

I Am Not My Illness by Kimberly-Ann Ford

The idea for my piece, “I Am Not My Illness”, was inspired during my 8:30am class on Thursday, March 12th. My professor caught my attention while explaining the multiple mental illnesses which exist. He was exclaiming how unfortunate it is that in today’s society, people such as nurses, for example, do not see the sufferer as a person with an illness, they recognize them as the illness itself. I chose a silhouette image since, like a shadow, you only see a little bit of the person, but not entirely. Also, it’s a Barbie logo, which could be linked with the expectation that society has towards people and also relates to eating disorders and mental illnesses. Black and blue are gloomy colours, in which is a symptom in many mental illnesses. The white writing on top of the black silhouette symbolizes how not everything is black and white; there are many different sides to every story, which is why people should not judge a person with a mental illness without any knowledge of the illness itself.  They are a person with an illness, not an illness with a person.  I hope that my piece can help remove the stigma of mental illnesses.

About The Artist

My name is Kimberly-Ann Ford and I am currently a first year student at Carleton University pursuing a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. I only started realizing my love for art in high school when taking an art class which helped express my emotions; an excellent way to practice good mental health. I have learned about mental illnesses and the stigma that surrounds them, which interests me greatly as I love comforting those who need it the most.

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