Ice Cream Brain by Andrea Zumrova

Ice Cream Brain by Andrea Zumrova

The root of addiction lies in the brain. Rewiring of the reward circuit makes the person lose control of their drug, whatever that drug may be. The diseased brain is unable to resist, much like a person is unable to resist an ice cream on a hot day. The image suggests cannibalism (repulsive) and dessert (pleasurable) to illustrate the contradiction that underlies addictive behaviour. The complex emotions of an addicted person are difficult to explain and are made all the more painful due to the stigma around this disease. Despair is the result of addiction and the cherry eyeball is crying to represent this. We must remember and remind people that addiction is not a personal failure; it is a diseased process. By shedding light on this, we will empower people to seek treatment and facilitate their recovery.

About The Artist

Andrea Zumrova is a second year student studying Medicine at the University of Ottawa.

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