Let go by Susan Shepard

Let go by Susan Shepard

Under the black wavey lines are clues that my partner was not telling me the whole truth. Trying to figure it out literally drove me crazy. I did not let go soon enough which is why I call the piece “Let go” The pink dot is similar to the pink dots I put on the boxes that I packed to leave him.

About The Artist

I was living at a massage table manufacturer when I started to paint. The supplies to paint came from the scrap wood of the business. I painted my first star on this scrap wood. I have explored the star motif with different sizes, colors, layering as in Spiritual Master and amount of paint. I usually paint with my fingers on the floor but sometimes I use a palate knife or a brush. I am inspired by colors and textures. I also love to pour like Pollack as in my painting Pollack Interrupted which gets its title because I interrupted the pouring with tape. Now that I have discovered pouring medium I use either water or the pouring medium or both to dilute the paint for twice the fun! It is an expression of myself that I offer these paintings for you to contemplate and enjoy. As the singer Suzanne Vega sings: “What was wood became alive.”

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