Pieces Like Us by Harry MacKay

Pieces Like Us by Harry MacKay

I spend a lot of time looking through microscopes, and lately I’ve become interest in inorganic forms. This piece consists of three perspectives on the same grain of sand. The grain of sand was chosen at random and rotated, again randomly, to three different orientations. Photomicrographic Z-stacks were collected at 1 micron intervals through the thickness of the sand grain, and these were digitally composited into a flattened projection. This approach allows one to visualize the three dimensional surface detail of the object in immaculate detail, and in so doing appreciate its vast complexity. Human beings are similarly complex, yet surprisingly opaque by comparison. We cannot ever really see another person from so many angles, and in such an artificially crisp focus as we can this grain of sand. Is it any wonder that people hold so many surprises?

About The Artist

Harry MacKay is a PhD candidate in the Department of Neuroscience at Carleton University. In his spare time he dabbles in art and design.

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