Simplicity by Adam Stone

Simplicity by Adam Stone

I was raised in different parts of the world by a family close to nature, with both Jewish and Buddhist values. It is through this lens tinted by such an interaction of experiences that I relate to the world both around and inside of me, and something that I feel is reflected in my art. As someone who has possessed a significant amount of self-loathing seemingly since birth, the near dissolution of my family, my father’s suffering with cancer, and the stress associated with graduate work left me isolated in an entirely new world with my creative drive as my only positive outlet. Simplicity in many ways is the summation of this outlet, and serves as a nearly adequate representation of how dramatically one’s world can change in the blink of an eye. The mandala is slightly off-centre, much like anyone’s memory of something, regardless of how clear it may seem, is inevitably distorted by the lens through which they experience their world. As someone who has devoted nearly a decade to the study of the mind, I feel that the importance of attending to one’s inner states and thoughts is invaluable, and serves to help one better understand themselves and the world in which they live.

About The Artist

Adam Stone is second-year Masters student of Cognitive Science in Carleton University. Information on his research and publications can be found at

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