Take Care by Laura Salisbury

Take Care by Laura Salisbury

So often we neglect our mental health. When we need help most, sometimes days, weeks, and even months can go by before we decide to take action and get help for ourselves.

In my experience, the demands of graduate school can wear me thin. There are times when I know I should be taking better care of myself, but I let my busy schedule become a deterrent or an excuse.

We are all busy, but this is a poor justification to not take care of ourselves. Our mental health must be a top priority for us all. Without a healthy brain, our health is nothing. And without our health, we are nothing.

To me, ‘Take Care’ is a reminder to take my mental health seriously, and to not let it become neglected.

About The Artist

I grew up in Kingston, Ontario and finished my B.Sc. in environmental science at Mount Allison Univeristy in Sackville, New Brunswick. I am currently pursuing a graduate degree in geomatics at Carleton University.

I’m just beginning to delve into my artistic side: namely sculpting and collage. I have been taking sculpting classes at the Ottawa School of Art and at LOAM Clay Studio over the past two years, and have been making collage pieces for the past year.

Animals are a prominent theme in my work. I feel the need to give them a voice because they can’t always speak for themselves. I also enjoy visualizing and communicating environmental risks.

If you are interested in seeing more, a collage series of mine (‘The Animals’) is up on display at Mike’s Place at Carleton University.

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