The Sun Shines Again by Maelyn Kaya

The Sun Shines Again by Maelyn Kaya

Co-winner of the da Vinci (elementary school students) category at the 2015 Brain & Mental Health Art Show.

I was inspired to create this piece when one of my parents experienced depression. As a child, depression is a difficult thing to understand. It is an invisible illness. We don’t see what is happening in the brain, but I can see that things are getting better each day. This piece of art shows the invisible line between depression and a normal state of mind, with a wide range of emotions and ability to see the sun in the end. I want this piece of art to inspire other children to have hope for the future if they are living with depression in their family and know that it isn’t their fault. The storm will pass. The sun will shine.

About The Artist

Maelyn Kaya is a grade six student at Hilson Avenue Public School. She enjoys reading, writing, art and supporting animal welfare and mental health organizations. She plays piano, ukulele and sings in the Ottawa Children’s choir. Mae lives in Ottawa.

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