Visceral Gelicide by Sera Stopard

Visceral Gelicide by Sera Stopard

Winner of the van Gogh (high school students) category at the 2015 Brain & Mental Health Art Show.

Ultimately, I was really uninspired thanks to the cold clutches of my own seasonal depression when I took this. There was no motivation in any inch of me to leave my bed, get off the floor, carry on with what i needed or even loved to do. Obligations I had made were the last thing on my mind, and I carrying on with my life was of no urgency. But life was going well. It was frustrating that I was slipping into this and making a mess of everything I’d rebuilt since the winter before. The cold was flaring my anxiety madly. It was like watching myself set fire to everything, but they weren’t my hands. I didn’t want to be doing that. I was so aware of my situation, no stranger to the thick ice encasing my heart and mind, but every effort I made to combat this deadly frost just kept falling through. This becomes a matter of just surviving each winter, sitting it out and hoping that with warmer weather everything will bloom. This is a matter I’m yet to master, but a matter that I refuse to let withhold me year in and out.

About The Artist

Sera Stopard is a young photographer on a mission. What that mission is, she’s still not quite sure.

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