Wonderment by Elise Laporte

Wonderment by Elise Laporte

Artists like Jack Bush have dealt with mental illnesses through abstraction and I deem this method to be a successful one since everyone can find their own pleasure and bliss through colours and simple forms. Thus, rather than telling you what you are supposed to observe on this piece of stretched canvas, I wish for you as a viewer to see what you want to see.

About The Artist

As a student of art history, I have been lucky to be exposed to different temperaments that have had a strong impact on the course of the history of the visual arts. I am thankful to all those in the past just like in the present who have dared to put paint to canvas and speak their minds. I strongly believe that communication can make a great difference in our attitude regarding life and art ends up my medium of communication.

I have tested many different artistic techniques but lately, I find that abstraction has the ability to say what I cannot say and fill the voids that need to be filled.

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