Bitch Lit

Bitch Lit

Artist: Christine Demore

Artist Bio: Christine Demore grew up in Picton, Ontario. Christine works predominantly in the medium of digital photography using cell phone cameras. She is interested in the intimacy of cell phone “selfie” photography and aims to explore how we choose to expose ourselves in a culture dominated by social media. Christine uses self photography to expose and share her own struggles with mental health and self care. She lives and works in Ottawa.

Description: Bisexual individuals live between the margins. Their existence is constantly erased and diminished or challenged by straight and gay communities alike. As a bisexual woman, I aim to embrace who I know I am, even if my visibility is obscured by social constructs of gay or straight. I make myself known so that others can see me and know that I see them. I’m not alone and neither are you. I see you.

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