Cold, Dark (Winner: Community Members)

Cold, Dark (Winner: Community Members)

Artist: Lenore Gale

Description: Three years ago, my best friend walked into the cold woods at 6 am and hung herself with her winter scarf. The cold dark physical space in which she took her life became a metaphor to me, a representation of the cold dark mental space that she slowly walked into for a year prior.

I have difficulty understanding that space, I can imagine it in theory, but never get to it. It’s something that has plagued me through my grief, trying to understand where she could possibly be, how cold and dark it had to be, for her to feel her only escape was to end her life.

Artist Bio: Lenore has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) from Memorial University, and a
Master of Business Administration from Carleton University. She works as the Undergraduate Administrator for the Department of Neuroscience at Carleton, and is still an active visual artist.

She primarily enjoys traditional media such as painting and printmaking. Her more recent work focuses on portraits and people, to capture the essence of a person at a moment in time.

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